Steps To Building A House Checklist

steps to building a house checklist

Steps To Building A House Checklist

Steps to Building A Custom Home Checklist 

Building a custom home is a complex process that can seem daunting at first. There are many custom home builders in Jacksonville, but All Florida Custom Homes has the experience to build a custom home with quality and craftsmanship that you deserve. Below I have put together a breakdown of the steps to building a custom home. It goes over everything from site selection, home design, construction and finishing touches. This will help you understand the steps that go into the complete process. Feel free to use this when speaking with your builder to help you make decisions during the planning phase.


Custom Home Building Planning Phase

Wants and Needs In Your Custom Home

The first step to building a custom home will be figuring out your wants and needs. The home is will be designed around you, so you need to know exactly what you want in the home. A good way to help you determine what should go into the home is to think of items you would change in your current home. Write them down over time so you are able to reference them later.


Drawing and Design of the Home

After we have an understanding of your wants and needs we can begin to design the home. Your list of wants and needs should include architectural details as well. For instance you may want grand columns in the front, multiple dormers or 5 bedrooms and bathrooms. Be sure to have it all on your list. Once the home is drawn, you will have a good understanding of what the home will look like when completed and we can decide on the location of the home on the property.


Site Selection and Property Layout

The beauty of working with All Florida Custom Homes is we help you with site selection and the layout of the property. You may want to watch the sunrise on your back porch, or have a home tucked away, hidden by large oak trees. We can help you determine what will be best. Once we find a site, we can work together to figure out the best placement of the home on the property. If you already have a lot, we can build on your lot in Jacksonville


Custom Home Construction Phase

Foundation is poured

The foundation is one of the most critical aspects of the home. If a foundation is poured incorrectly it can result in cracking and costly repairs. The foundation process begins with crewman mapping out the layout with wood and stakes. The concrete is then poured into this layout and smoothed over. Once the concrete has cured after a couple of days, the wood is removed. Plumbing is then installed into your newly poured foundation. Once the foundation is complete, an inspector will verify the foundation is done correct and construction can continue.


Rough Framing

This is when your new home will begin to take shape. The floors, walls and roof will be constructed out of wood and other building materials. At this point the walls will be left open for plumbing and electrical. This is a great time to do an initial walk-through of the home to verify the layout of the rooms and bathrooms. Windows and doors will also be installed during this phase of custom home construction.


Plumbing, Electrical and Air Conditioning

Once the shell of the home (rough framing) is done, electricians and plumbers will begin their work. This would be the time to make any electrical changes like add an outlet or more lighting. HVAC workers will run air conditioning duct work and begin installing the A/C unit. This process is only to be completed after the home is completely water tight.


Drywall and Interior Trim

Once the electricians and plumbers have completed their work, it is time to close the walls. Drywall specialists will begin installing drywall and the home will start taking shape inside. You will be able to walk through the home with the walls up for the first time. After drywall is completed, carpenters will begin running baseboards, installing interior doors, cabinets and vanities.


Countertops and Fixtures

Now that the walls and trimmed have been completed the final finishing touches will be installed. This includes everything from countertops, faucets, sinks, toilets, and mirrors. Your house will start to feel like a custom home. Outlets and electrical items like fans and lights will also be installed at this stage.


Driveway and Exterior

At this point the driveway will be poured along with any walkways around the home. This process is usually done towards the end of the project to avoid any damage to the concrete from heavy machinery. The exterior will also be finished including paint and landscaping. You will be able to see what the final appearance of the home will soon be.


Custom HomeFinal walkthrough

Once the home is completed you will have a final walkthrough to verify everything is perfect. All Florida Custom Homes will make sure your home is just the way you want it. We design the home around your wants and needs, and the home is built to fulfill your dreams. A custom home is meant to be everything you have ever wanted and as the best custom home builder in Jacksonville, we promise to deliver.




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