5 Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder in Jacksonville FL

5 Questions to Ask Your Custom Home Builder in Jacksonville FL


Considering North Florida home builders is an important and extensive decision which should not be taken lightly at any cost. After all, you are trusting them completely to fulfill your hopes and dreams and build a house which will be the pride of your life. With this in mind, here are some questions you should consider asking Jacksonville custom home builders before making a decision on hiring them.

Do you have a valid builder’s license?

This may be the most important question which you ask a potential builder. Unless the build on your lot builders are licensed with both the relevant state as well as the federal board, they do not have the legal right to build a house. Not only should the home builder you talk to be licensed, he should have proof of his license as well.


Are you an insured home builder? 

It is absolutely necessary for your home builder to be insured in order for you to even consider hiring him. In fact, not only should the builder be insured, but anyone who they employ should also be insured as well. If you consider employing a home builder who is uninsured and any trouble occurs during construction, this may result in severe additional costs. In the worst case scenario, you may even end up losing your home. Hence, the important of hiring builders in Jacksonville FL who are insured cannot be stressed on enough.

Is it possible for me to contact homeowners for whom you have worked for previously?

The style of the home builder you hire must be in sync with the ideas and dreams which you have in mind. Nothing will give you a better idea in this regard than talking to previous homeowners as you can see previous examples. Furthermore, they can also tell you the experience of working with the builder, which will be absolutely priceless considering the fact that you have to work with the builder for a long period of time, and hence, you need to be sure that they will be cooperative and understanding of your dreams as well.

What will the timeline of the project?

Often, builders will try to give a vague outline when asked about the timeline of the project. You should be aware of such builders as they intentionally stray from giving an accurate outline in order to not be responsible if the timeline is increased for some reason. You should only consider hiring a builder who is willing to provide an accurate timeline for the construction of the house.

What will the cost of the project be?

Whether you’re building a custom home or home remodeling in Jacksonville FL, you need to know the cost of the entire project. This will allow you to prepare a budget and save accordingly. In addition, knowing the costs beforehand will save you from a builder trying to insert extra hidden costs later on.