A Guide To Picking The Perfect Custom Home Builder

a guide to picking the perfect custom home builder

A Guide To Picking The Perfect Custom Home Builder

A Guide to Picking the Perfect Custom Home Builder Jacksonville FL


Picking the wrong custom home builder can become your worst nightmare. Going over budget could be the least of your concerns, when the craftsmanship and final product is less than what you had envisioned. The easiest way to see if a custom builder has the experience and capability to deliver your dream home is to look at previous homes they’ve built. The best home builders in Jacksonville FL will always provide pictures of their previous projects. Reviewing a builder’s portfolio will give you a great understanding of the work they are capable of and the level of craftsmanship. View my Custom Home Portfolio here.


Never Choose A Builder Simply Because They’re Cheapest


Building a custom home is more expensive than buying a model home. Before beginning construction on your new home, you will need to set a budget with your builder. If your builder tries to take shortcuts you can often end up with a more expensive home because of miscalculations. A builder who takes shortcuts to save money, cannot compare to All Florida Custom Homes. We ensure each step along the way is taken into careful consideration, and ensure your home is exactly the way you want it.


Make A List of Wants and Needs

 When looking for custom home builders in Jacksonville FL you will want to have an idea of things you want and need in your new home. If location is important be sure to keep a list of neighborhoods you would be interested in building your new home. At All Florida Custom Homes we work with you from the very beginning, including choosing your lot and location. If you have a lot, we are able to build a home on your lot. When deciding to build a custom home most people don’t know exactly what they want. A list will help you during the design phase.

You’re Building A Relationship

You aren’t only building a custom home; you are also building a relationship. Since construction of a custom home can take a while, you will want to work with someone who you can be around. Your builder should also be someone who is easy to communicate with and someone who you shouldn’t hesitate to call if something wasn’t just right. I build relationships with my clients and continue to keep in touch. One thing is true homeowners can always call me for anything.


Not all custom home builders in Jacksonville FL are created equal, and picking the perfect builder can be a difficult process. Be sure to do your homework on any builder you might work with. If you have any questions on how I can help you build your dream home, I would love to speak with you. For more information on preparing to build a custom home, read my Custom Building A House Checklist.  Feel free to contact me directly by phone or via the contact form below. For help with building a custom home, read my custom home building checklist here.




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