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My Philosophy


I guide my clients through the entire process from finding that perfect piece of property , deciding what clearing needs to be done, to perfectly situating the home on the property so that every view is maximized and all the space is properly utilized.

And when you build your dream home with All Florida Custom Homes by John Raymer, that’s exactly what it means; I will be the person you will be working with from start to finish. I will not hand you off to a “project manager” or a “field supervisor”. It will be me directing every detail of construction from pouring the foundation to installing the last door knob.

I have a passion for building. It is in my blood, being a third generation builder. Raising two sons who want to follow in that tradition inspires me to leave a legacy of quality and satisfied clients for my sons to build on.

Like previously mentioned, I am a third generation builder. I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky where as a five year old I hid in my Father’s truck so I could go to work with him, it scared the you know what out of my Mother but, I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a builder like my Father and Grandfather. Building in Kentucky was a little different than Florida. We did it all from the foundation to the roof shingles and everything in between so unlike most builders out there I have done all of the trade work and I know when a tradesman is doing the work right as well as when they are trying to cut corners or just plain doing it wrong. That’s why I work with a select group of craftsman that know the quality of work I demand and deliver.

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The Personal Touch

All Florida Custom Homes is dedicated to giving you and your project the personal attention you deserve. Instead of working with a foreman who oversees the construction of 30 projects or more, you’ll work directly with your builder. That’s right, from start to finish, we supervise each project personally to ensure that your wants and needs are taken care of. 

You know what you like. You have your own style, and you want the best value for your mon, and you want that style and value reflected in your home. All Florida Custom Homes simply combines your style with the excellent quality construction you deserve to build the home of your dreams.

We are your custom home builder!

All Florida Jacksonville leading custom home builders providing site selection assistance, custom home design, and quality construction.


Why build a custom home?

 Why build a custom home in Jacksonville when there are plenty of homes on the market today? The answer is simple. A custom home is exactly what you want, every need you have is met and every desire you have is incorporated into the home. Having a custom home built, gives you a feeling of pride and ownership that can’t be explained. As a custom home builder in Jacksonville I see many builders claim quality and craftsmanship, but few can deliver. Not only am I building a home to last a lifetime, I am building a relationship that lasts a lifetime. Building a custom home gives me the satisfaction of making someone’s dream a reality. 


It is all in the details!

  The problem with most production homes is they are put up as fast as possible with little attention to detail. Personal attention to detail is my specialty. Not only do I help you design the home, I am on the job daily to ensure craftsmanship and quality. Sometimes what may seem like a good idea on paper, may turn out to not be functional once construction begins. It is my job to ensure your dream home is perfect from top to bottom. I promise no corners will be cut and only the highest quality materials will be used when building your custom home. 

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